Monday, January 30, 2012 haul

I woke up on this snowy Syracuse morning to a yesstyle box! It could not have come at a better time, as the leggings I ordered fit my snowy landscape perfectly and I will wear them today. Shipping from Hong Kong consistently takes less time than ANY domestic shipping. Figure that one out.

First is this Peter Pan style crochet collar top. It's cute. She looks like a pumpkin!

I've had my eye on this simple color blocked top for months... pretty sure it was from the summer collections. Oh well. It looks terrible on me at the moment since my paleness is akin to the white paint on my walls. (Why are there no tanning places around SU? I can name 5 tanning places that sandwiched ISU's campus. Hm.)

Last is this pair of snowflake leggings! I'm 5'8 so they're really short on me, almost like those leggings that stop mid-calf. I plan on wearing them with boots anyway so that doesn't matter much. I chose the left pattern.

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