Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Velvet Blazer

One of my favorite pieces to wear this season is my velvet blazer that I got from Ragstock about 2 years ago. Ragstock had a huge rainbow spectrum of colors at the time, now I wish I had bought more than one. There was a burnt orange one that was wicked cool. Alas.

It used to get stares from people or that familiar “um... wha-?” look. But I suddenly love wearing it. The blazer shape makes it able to fit into professional wear but since it's velvet, it goes easily with jeans and can be dressed down pretty casually. I wore this when I went to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem and a friend commented on how it matched with the velvet accents of the theatre. Hah, I didn't even think of that when I picked it out! Although the red clashed with my Willy Wonka colored coat.

I also feel like I need to justify my wardrobe sometimes. Here's my justification for today: Adam's look here. See? Same as mine. But he's a guy... irrelevant. Ladies can rock blazers just as hard!

Here's more proof (although I lost the link for this one. I snagged this online somewhere a long time ago.)

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