Saturday, January 7, 2012

EVEN More Studding

Here's some inspo for today's DIY:

This project is a result of something that went three different ways. This used to be a orange-pinkish men's shirt. I had intended to make it into a skirt and it turned into a hideous potato sack looking thing. It was not cute. At. All. So I made it into an apron instead. I even got really crafty and used the buttoned cuffs as the halter part.

I cut the top collar off with the intention of making it just a neck piece. But the color was really not too flattering on someone who loses all their tan in the winter. So I dyed it black with some RIT dye. It ended up turning dark charcoal grey and the stitching turned a lighter shade of grey. I'm okay with that color combo.

Upon returning to Syracuse, I remembered I had 30 studs left over from my last studding frenzy. What better way to spice up a collar than stud it!? The material is stiff doubled cotton so I had to slice holes to stick the studs through. Push the pointy parts of the stud into the fabric so that they leave an indentation, then take a razor blade and poke the end through the fabric just enough to cut a few fibers. I even got a ruler out and attempted to measure and lay out the studs correctly... and then I didn't and eyeballed it instead.

I intended on going stud-happy like I usually do, but in the end, I actually reined it in. Only four per side. I plan on wearing this with any t-shirt I have. Maybe my obnoxious yellow LA Pride tee! Ok, fine, I'll take a lazy webcam pic so you don't notice my tired eyes and face lacking in makeup (I had an early flight).  

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