Monday, January 23, 2012

Emilio Pucci Pre-Fall 2012

I'm been neglecting runway stuff lately. Sorry. I popped over to today to check out what was going on since pre-fall has been blowing up my tumblr dashboard lately anyway. I clicked on Emilio Pucci because, and I'm admitting this right now (no regrets), I think Emilio Pucci might be my favorite fashion house. Or at least in my top five. And this set proves why: Pucci designs clothes that I see myself wearing. The silhouettes are interesting enough but simple at the same time. Fabric choice is what makes them more special than simple. And actually, a lot of these designs remind me of things I already have, just better and much more luxurious. It feels slightly nostalgic and wayyyyy my style (except maybe more elegant :)

This reminds me of what I wore to my pinning ceremony for Phi Sigma Pi four years ago. No, really. Here, I'll even show you a picture:

Teehee, stretchy shirt has so much stretch it's almost glowing. Yech! Anyway...

I have a sweater with this kind of tie-your-own bow top.

I have a lacy dress! This is more form fitting and a bit longer than mine.

Burgundy velvet blazer. I believe I've already expressed my love for this design multiple times. 

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