Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Ripped Tights

Deconstruction time!

I got a 3 pack of black tights for Christmas, 2 patterned and 1 plain. I already have a plain pair and these are low waisted (for tights? not a fan) and after I wore them once, I put a nice run in them. Two, actually. But it was New Year's Eve so... it was beyond my control.

(Booo, no longer perfect tights. What to do?)

So as one of my it's-midnight-and-I'm-bored projects, I decided to rip them. If they turn out horrible, it's a learning experience, as I always say. I browsed a couple tutorials on youtube and this one was my favorite by far. Of course I don't have a seam ripper with me so I armed myself with other sharp objects I DO have: scissors, thumb tacks, pins, and a razor blade. Sounds great?

I ended up using the razor blade because scissors chop too much and pins don't cut. AND THEN, something amazing happened. I timidly cut a little hole and tugged at it, just like the video said to and I got these huge lines unraveling up like this:

What ended up happening is that I made lots and lots more runs. It reminded me of that beater that I unraveled over the summer (see here). And I decided, who needs gaping huge holes? I liked these little holes and big runs better. And this was so fun! I love deconstruction so much.

Once you're satisfied with the front side, take your tights off, put them on backwards and rip more holes and stretch. You'll find that when you put them on again and stretch them out, all the runs will keep... running. Resistance is futile.   

And here's the finished product, taken right after I got a haircut (don't judge the mop). Try it, it's great fun. 

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