Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thom Browne (aka my soul mate)

Oh my studly goodness, will you take a look at this masterpiece of a menswear collection?! I came across a post from one of my favorite DIY blogs, Outsapop, and had to click through to the rest of the shots (the designer here is Thom Browne).

As I clicked along, my jaw dropped lower and lower because this collection is essentially everything I love. I think Thom might actually be my soul mate. He used studs. Anchor motifs. Doc Marten-esque boots. Sunglasses. Knee socks. Tailored jackets/ coats. ...That is everything I love and currently wear. If I was a menswear designer, this is what I would make. Well, this is actually a little more stylized than I would do (Man-belly shirts, not so much. And the headgear freaks me out a little... ok, no, that's a lie. They're baller.), but this would definitely be Amy-aesthetic if such a concept existed. Observe the brilliance:

He also takes some drastic liberties messing with proportions here. Kind of like super accentuated football pads (Note the leatherhead. Definitely early 1900s football) or... tumors? I kid, I kid. Did I mention I also love plaid?

This look is just dfhbguafdicanteven. And mohawks too! The more I look at this, the more it freaks me out how * me * it is. Honestly. Peep this site here for the rest of the pics. It gets a little pastel near the end which is kind of wonky, but whatever.

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