Monday, February 27, 2012


I drive past the Salvation Army store in Syracuse all the time but I've never actually gone in it. It's kind of in a shifty neighborhood, but I finally caved and went. Not going to lie, I was pretty impressed. When I go to Goodwill or SA in the suburbs, everything is so generic and normal. I definitely found some interesting pieces and things I would consider “vintage” opposed to simply second hand.

Things I managed to leave on the racks: A few velvet dresses that I considered modifying, but ultimately they were too big and I didn't want to mess with the seams too much. I also left a black body suit with a sweetheart shaped top and long sheer sleeves. Sounds like something you'd find in LA thrift stores for $50, right? I left it because it had a stupid turtleneck neckline and there was a zipper up the back so there was no way I could cut it off. Booo. I also found a shirt that had a Parisian scene of a lady walking her foofoo dogs in front of L'Ard d'Triumph. I couldn't figure out if it was that “trendy” style of artsy graphic shirts, or if it was just old lady style. I left it because it had some dumb rhinestones and a few stains on the sleeves that I probably wouldn't be able to get out.

But here's what I * did * get. I picked up this sheer shirt with a satin collar and cuffs, which is super trendy right now. Examples:

Now this is something I'd classify as straight-up vintage because of the tag. It's also labeled as nightwear which I found humorous. It's about mid-thigh length, so I mind end up chopping it and possibly chopping it to short sleeves as well.

I fully believe that the best thrifts are found by accident as you're about to leave. This dress type thing was left on the leave-what-you-don't-want rack outside the fitting rooms as I was about to dump my leftovers (that's how I found my mint-condit Doc Martens). It has a high waistline that is about 10 inches to big for my body; nothing a running stitch and a good yank can't fix. I also need to replace the bottons with something black and not '90s hideous.

Not deserving of a photo is a simple grey sweatshirt that I plan on modifying. My options are between a tutorial I found on A Beautiful Mess for felted elbow patches OR inserting color blocked panels on the arms and back with leftovers from chopping the first top.

All in all, everything was pretty black and meshy. I guess I'm on some kind of gothy kick. Maybe it's from listening to too much IAMX and drooling over pics like this on lookbook.

(Bebe Z)

(Kryzu U)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Five days without a post and I feel like a terrible, terrible blogger. I apologize. I think the 5 hour commute to NYC twice a week is starting to get to me. I had planned on having people visit me in the city for my spring break, but I've become set on going home to the Windy City. I know NYC is big and bustling and all... but Sweet Home Chicago will always have my heart.

Oh, right! Nails is the title of this post! I'm kind of known for always having my nails done. Getting chips annoys me and I would rather completely redo them. It's relaxing for me. I'm just sitting in bed on my laptop anyway, so that means I won't be touching anything and messing up wet polish. I usually keep them pretty plain: solid color, French or vintage manicure by way of reinforcement holes.

I am by no means a nail polish goddess. I just like keeping them neat and clean. However, I have come across someone who IS drop-dead fabulous and gives a whole new meaning to the term "nail art." 

This is Adrienne Anderson (follow her political blog here), whom I know from my undergrad at Illinois State University. She was a member of the same fraternity as me (Phi Sigma Pi! Brothers are we!!), but she rushed when I was a senior so I didn't actually know her very well. Clearly, that was my mistake since we could have bonded over our love of perfection nails.

Look at that detail! I don't know how she does it. She must use nail polish pens because that amount of precision is not possible with the whacking fat, round brush that comes attached to the cap. Or the revolutionary flat brushes that some brands have now. I know Rimmel uses them. In my opinion, the flat brush is the greatest thing to ever happen and I don't know why it hasn't been thought of before. In comparison, you wouldn't paint a wall with a round brush, would you? 

She should be hired by Burberry for this. She should get paid thousands to manicure all their models for their fall runway shows. How is it even possible to paint lines this straight? I would need a ruler.

 I saved the best for last! She created these to match her favorite scarf, which makes a perfect background.

...I think I have just been inspired. Polka dots are in my future.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Mirror shots are quality photography, right? Right? ...WRONG.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Favorite Blogger: Jessica-Naomi

I'd like to share another one of my favorite bloggers Jessica-Naomi, although she isn't exactly a “style blogger” like the rest of the popular blogspots that fashion girls follow. Her style is influenced by so many things: art, games, literature, and a lot of science.

She's interested in a lot of creepy scientific things like dissection, taxidermy, witchcraft, graveyards, etc. And her photography of all of her interests is beautiful.

But she also can have super girly style, wearing knee socks, platform wedges, corsets.

She has an etsy store of the most amazing things. She's a great crafter and seamstress. She makes these boxes filled with natural things she finds, necklaces (the blood drop one is my absolute favorite), scents, bound notebooks... beautiful, handmade things. I think she's just an artist of everything with a brilliant mind.

I wanted to share Jessica Naomi because I've been thinking a lot about my own definition of beauty. To some people (maybe people who don't take a great interest in fashion), beauty is “pretty,” like flowing dresses and smiles and clothes that make you feel happy. And that's all well and good. But I can also look at someone with a staggering amount of body mods or someone with rainbow hair or an outfit that is so completely avant garde... and I still think it's beautiful. I'm figuring out that my definition of beauty contains a certain amount of disturbingness. Because strange makes me smirk.

I think there's beauty in everything. Everything.

Jessica Naomi might know what I mean.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012

Here it is, the collection everyone is talking about: Victoria Beckham's RTW Fall 2012. Even I agree with comments made about these garments. They're clean, classy, and cohesive. Lovely shapes, not over designed... just all around amazing. And it's good to see that collars will still be trending by fall. These are my faves, especially the last one! 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ruffley Coats

I came across Laura Galic's etsy of AMAZING coats the other day. These are a brilliant mix of feminine “ruffles” (if you could call them that) and also structured tailoring. Look at these gorgeous pleats! I can only assume how difficult it is to make even overlaps with a thick fabric like wool.

There's something a little dark or Victorian or vampy about these suits/coats. It must be the high collars, the puffy shoulders... details like that give a piece a bit of edge.

(I think this one might be my favorite. Baby doll, ruffley, and a BOW)

I would totally wear something like this to work if I ever had an occasion to wear business professional. I can never get over people wearing horribly boring clothes when business causal (or professional) is called for. That is NOT an excuse to be drab! Keep it interesting.

Side note: Here's a sneak peek of a boutonnière DIY that I did for my internship. It's in the works for being on the website soon. :]

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Haven't posted an outfit in a while... here's one of me for once.

zippy: yesstyle + DIY
dress: H&M
slipdress: yesstyle
boots: Dr. Marten
bow: F21

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elly Jackson (aka La Roux)

Style dissection time! Elly is the front woman of electropop band La Roux. Famous songs you've probably heard: “In For the Kill” and “I'm Not Your Toy.”

And here she is. Not surprisingly, her look has raised some eyebrows in a world dominated by famous ladies in pumps and frilly frocks. Elly's androgynous looks have branded her significantly. How many women wear blazers and oxford style shoes on the red carpet? Well, maybe some do sometimes, but every time? Only masters of style.

Personally, I love her juxtaposing outfits. Her music is electronic and pop-y, club music to a certain extent. Club clothes can be completely random: short, tight, spandex, clothes that cover very little of the body. Very interesting that she chooses to remain extremely covered. No low cut shirts, no leg, no platform heels. She also has short hair with an amazing... mowhawk? Windswept hairdo? Whatever it is, it's fabulous. The amount of spray or gel or whatever she uses must be astronomical. Bravo.

Of course, wearing pants and having short hair makes people instantly question her sexuality. Dang, she's got to be a lesbian... Sorry, no. Remember when women wore pants to (gasp) jobs in the 1940s during WWII? It's been in our culture for quite some time now. Get over it. Dresses are easy. Just wish you were awesome enough to pull off separates as well as Elly can.

Something I noticed while snagging some of her pictures online is the prevalence of this cameo that she always wears (designed by Sylvie Markovina). I found that intriguing. Cameos necklaces of a similar style were trendy in the Victorian and Edwardian Era. They depicted Greek Goddesses or were commissioned portraits of themselves for women to wear. The figure has classical features and was a symbol of feminine beauty. Fashions and trends in these ages were so detailed and so rigidly followed that to be out of style was social suicide. Keeping this in mind, I love that Elly wears such a feminine piece of jewelry to contrast with her “boyish” look.

Rock the pants, girl. Why be just like everyone else in their slinky dresses? 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

Hey guys! I've had a busy week starting my internship at Bridal Guide in NYC and will be pretty busy with that for the next few months, so you can expect updates on weekends only (Probably. Maybe!).

This is a project I did a while ago but never put up, since I didn't have a chain for the necklace yet. I randomed across a tutorial from Sincerely Kinsey that I thought was soooo adorable and really easy, considering I already had the materials. It's a bird nest necklace!

Precious, right? Here's my version. I used silver wire (because I already had it) and blue beads because... they're robin egg colored!

I cut a long length off of the spool since I didn't know how much I was going to be using, it might have been around 5 feet. First, cluster the three beads together and weave them together so they stay securely. Then begin wrapping the wire around the beads in a circle.

After a couple wraps around, you will have a neat, circular coil that will seem rather floppy. Once you get to this point, don't be neat anymore! Weave the wire around the coils and cross behind the beads. If your wire gets bends and random wiggles in it, that's ok! Actually, it looks better and more realistic that way. Have you ever looked at a real bird nest? They're kind of hot messes of weaving random things. Copy that!

Make sure you make a circle at some point where you will be able to thread through a necklace chain. Do this sooner rather than later in your weaving process. If you leave it until the end, it might stretch itself out while you're wearing it. Once you're satisfied with the size of your nest, weave in the end of your wire and make sure it isn't going to be poking you while you're wearing it.

Like I said, I don't have a chain yet... but this is what the pendent looks like! It'll be a great spring necklace.