Saturday, February 25, 2012


Five days without a post and I feel like a terrible, terrible blogger. I apologize. I think the 5 hour commute to NYC twice a week is starting to get to me. I had planned on having people visit me in the city for my spring break, but I've become set on going home to the Windy City. I know NYC is big and bustling and all... but Sweet Home Chicago will always have my heart.

Oh, right! Nails is the title of this post! I'm kind of known for always having my nails done. Getting chips annoys me and I would rather completely redo them. It's relaxing for me. I'm just sitting in bed on my laptop anyway, so that means I won't be touching anything and messing up wet polish. I usually keep them pretty plain: solid color, French or vintage manicure by way of reinforcement holes.

I am by no means a nail polish goddess. I just like keeping them neat and clean. However, I have come across someone who IS drop-dead fabulous and gives a whole new meaning to the term "nail art." 

This is Adrienne Anderson (follow her political blog here), whom I know from my undergrad at Illinois State University. She was a member of the same fraternity as me (Phi Sigma Pi! Brothers are we!!), but she rushed when I was a senior so I didn't actually know her very well. Clearly, that was my mistake since we could have bonded over our love of perfection nails.

Look at that detail! I don't know how she does it. She must use nail polish pens because that amount of precision is not possible with the whacking fat, round brush that comes attached to the cap. Or the revolutionary flat brushes that some brands have now. I know Rimmel uses them. In my opinion, the flat brush is the greatest thing to ever happen and I don't know why it hasn't been thought of before. In comparison, you wouldn't paint a wall with a round brush, would you? 

She should be hired by Burberry for this. She should get paid thousands to manicure all their models for their fall runway shows. How is it even possible to paint lines this straight? I would need a ruler.

 I saved the best for last! She created these to match her favorite scarf, which makes a perfect background.

...I think I have just been inspired. Polka dots are in my future.

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