Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elly Jackson (aka La Roux)

Style dissection time! Elly is the front woman of electropop band La Roux. Famous songs you've probably heard: “In For the Kill” and “I'm Not Your Toy.”

And here she is. Not surprisingly, her look has raised some eyebrows in a world dominated by famous ladies in pumps and frilly frocks. Elly's androgynous looks have branded her significantly. How many women wear blazers and oxford style shoes on the red carpet? Well, maybe some do sometimes, but every time? Only masters of style.

Personally, I love her juxtaposing outfits. Her music is electronic and pop-y, club music to a certain extent. Club clothes can be completely random: short, tight, spandex, clothes that cover very little of the body. Very interesting that she chooses to remain extremely covered. No low cut shirts, no leg, no platform heels. She also has short hair with an amazing... mowhawk? Windswept hairdo? Whatever it is, it's fabulous. The amount of spray or gel or whatever she uses must be astronomical. Bravo.

Of course, wearing pants and having short hair makes people instantly question her sexuality. Dang, she's got to be a lesbian... Sorry, no. Remember when women wore pants to (gasp) jobs in the 1940s during WWII? It's been in our culture for quite some time now. Get over it. Dresses are easy. Just wish you were awesome enough to pull off separates as well as Elly can.

Something I noticed while snagging some of her pictures online is the prevalence of this cameo that she always wears (designed by Sylvie Markovina). I found that intriguing. Cameos necklaces of a similar style were trendy in the Victorian and Edwardian Era. They depicted Greek Goddesses or were commissioned portraits of themselves for women to wear. The figure has classical features and was a symbol of feminine beauty. Fashions and trends in these ages were so detailed and so rigidly followed that to be out of style was social suicide. Keeping this in mind, I love that Elly wears such a feminine piece of jewelry to contrast with her “boyish” look.

Rock the pants, girl. Why be just like everyone else in their slinky dresses? 


  1. Pants are Good on a woman but the rest is jsut blaghh!!!!

  2. Also, that Cameo is not feminine it looks like a freaking Flava Flav clock. Boo!

  3. She is amazing. Love love love her style, her music, and her sense of self. Rock on with your bad self, Elly!