Monday, February 27, 2012


I drive past the Salvation Army store in Syracuse all the time but I've never actually gone in it. It's kind of in a shifty neighborhood, but I finally caved and went. Not going to lie, I was pretty impressed. When I go to Goodwill or SA in the suburbs, everything is so generic and normal. I definitely found some interesting pieces and things I would consider “vintage” opposed to simply second hand.

Things I managed to leave on the racks: A few velvet dresses that I considered modifying, but ultimately they were too big and I didn't want to mess with the seams too much. I also left a black body suit with a sweetheart shaped top and long sheer sleeves. Sounds like something you'd find in LA thrift stores for $50, right? I left it because it had a stupid turtleneck neckline and there was a zipper up the back so there was no way I could cut it off. Booo. I also found a shirt that had a Parisian scene of a lady walking her foofoo dogs in front of L'Ard d'Triumph. I couldn't figure out if it was that “trendy” style of artsy graphic shirts, or if it was just old lady style. I left it because it had some dumb rhinestones and a few stains on the sleeves that I probably wouldn't be able to get out.

But here's what I * did * get. I picked up this sheer shirt with a satin collar and cuffs, which is super trendy right now. Examples:

Now this is something I'd classify as straight-up vintage because of the tag. It's also labeled as nightwear which I found humorous. It's about mid-thigh length, so I mind end up chopping it and possibly chopping it to short sleeves as well.

I fully believe that the best thrifts are found by accident as you're about to leave. This dress type thing was left on the leave-what-you-don't-want rack outside the fitting rooms as I was about to dump my leftovers (that's how I found my mint-condit Doc Martens). It has a high waistline that is about 10 inches to big for my body; nothing a running stitch and a good yank can't fix. I also need to replace the bottons with something black and not '90s hideous.

Not deserving of a photo is a simple grey sweatshirt that I plan on modifying. My options are between a tutorial I found on A Beautiful Mess for felted elbow patches OR inserting color blocked panels on the arms and back with leftovers from chopping the first top.

All in all, everything was pretty black and meshy. I guess I'm on some kind of gothy kick. Maybe it's from listening to too much IAMX and drooling over pics like this on lookbook.

(Bebe Z)

(Kryzu U)

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