Thursday, March 1, 2012

ME: A day in the (NYC) life

WARNING: extremely picture heavy post ahead.

Friends and family are curious to see what I'm doing in NYC, so I decided to give them a snippet of “A Day in the Life...” of a commuting intern in the city. It's really not all that exciting, but a change of scenery is nice once in a while, especially if that city is the biggest one in the country. I really don't get to do too much in NYC, since my schedule is as follows: bus-sleep-work-sleep-work-bus. 

Technically this is the day before, but this is what the 5ish hour drive from 'Cuse to NYC looked like, sans Catskill Mountains. It was snowing, that fluffy kind of snow that looks like emptying a bag of powder sugar on absolutely everything. White ground, white trees, white sky. Most of the time on this particular ride, I was spacing out from my theatre reading to just stare out the window.

Myself and 4 other Ajs stay at Hotel 309. Sometimes we get our own bed, sometimes we share. Sometimes we get a bathroom sink that's literally smaller than our faces. But we don't mind, it's part of the experience. Manhattan is expensive as hell. This place is pretty affordable, especially split 5 ways. This is Mary, who interns at Town & Country.

Morning! I walk the 14 blocks and 1 avenue (takes me about 20 minutes) to work. I pass by a ton of shops that sell flowers right on the street. I always wonder how often people just walk by, snag one, and run.

I live in the Meatpacking/ Chelsea district. Much of the street looks like this. Kind of... damp and dirty, haha.

I'd SO much rather walk than take the subway to work, which would be about 3 stops away. I like knowing what's around me. If I took the subway, all I would see is underground dirty rail lines and be sandwiched between other morning commuters. Pass.

This building is where I work, which is on the next block from Fashion Institute of Technology. Bridal Guide has the tenth floor. 

Yup, Fashion Ave.

After work, I came to the obvious realization that I work in the fashion district, so I should really be hitting up the fabric and trimmings stores since you really won't come across a selection like NYC has anywhere else.

I had heard of this place, Toho Shoji from some DIY blog the other day and decided to check it out after reading about their wonderful selection of chains.

This place blew my mindhole. You walk in, see all these little boxes, and immediately want to grab everything. You definitely have to use blinders here. I came for the chains, basically. All in all, I probably got around 10 feet total and some other trimmings. It's well worth it, I can't even find normal chain anywhere, let alone complete walls full of the stuff.

I walked the 23 blocks back to the hostel and was reminded why NYC is always so dirty. Every evening, there are piles of trash bags on the sidewalk waiting for garbage collection. Gross. They don't have alley ways or dumpsters.

Oh hey, here's me looking like a tired, business casual librarian. One of my contacts fell in the sink and disappeared (?) this morning so I'm stuck in glasses for the next 2 days.

Toho loot. Oh yes, I've got excellent plans for you.

Sri, another AJ roomie, and I went to the Chelsea Market later because I wanted to go to their bookstore. And the market is adorable and never too crowded at 7pm.

I wanted fashiony books... but they were either "here's a pile of pictures/ sketches" or "this is how you should dress." Woe behold anyone who ever tells me how to dress. I wanted something more intellectual, so I left empty handed. 

Ok, that's kind of a lie, I got this peach drinkable yogurt thing. I only went into the store because it was called a "Milk Bar" and I couldn't help chuckling and thinking of A Clockwork Orange. 


Sri being cute! She interns here, upstairs at IVillage.


Back to the hostel, back to my top bunk bed and my laptop, ready to repeat the process tomorrow. And then get on a night bus back to the 'Cuse.

Is all this travel and extra expense worth it? Well... would I ever be in NYC and working for a major magazine publication otherwise? Probably not. Our wise program director once told us, "The money will come eventually. Time is something you can never get back." Truth.

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