Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Favorite Blogger: Paula Ilona Viktoria

I'm taking some time out from the recent slew of personal posts (surprising, right?) to feature another one of my favorite bloggers. I love intruding you all to the people I follow because... sometimes they can be my inspiration and I love sharing their unique styles with whoever I can.

This is Paula Ilona Viktoria of Intergalactic Radio Station from Finland, as about half of the people I follow are from Finland. Why is that? I have no idea. It must be a super fashionable country. Not to mention dedicated; it's snowy and freezing there nearly all winter and they still can pull together amazing outfits all the time. I live in the snowiest city in America (which is at a record low of snowfall this year anyway) so I should never blame snow for getting in the way of outfit plans.

I found her by scrolling through Lookbook one day and her bright pink hair stopped me instantly.

I love that she wears a lot of black but her hair is this childish bubblegum pink. It's such a contrast. She pulls it off really well.

This outfit is perfection. All those belts...! Wearing all black at once has the potential to become very flat and boring. She keeps that from happening by wearing different textures: chiffon, jersey, leather... all of that keeps it interesting. And how great is the closeup picture on the left? The snowy blackground makes her really stand out.

**Keep an eye out for a new DIY coming soon! It'll also be on Craftista's inspiration blog.

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