Sunday, March 25, 2012

My outfits for different occasions

Here's something a little different! Using my favorite fashion collage site Polyvore, I've put together a few recreations of what I wear on a daily basis without showing you grainy pictures of my mug. Observe:

For an average day going to class (Well, maybe not heels to class. But I could if I really wanted to...). Sheer black tops are my new favorite thing, I have 3 at the moment.

This is what I wore last week to my internship at the BG, almost exactly. Same concept. I try not to be too boring without completely scaring people. *This is the only time I have to think about being appropriate for a certain environment. You never know with internships, do you...

This is what I'll wear for a weekend day of doing homework at Newhouse and running errands, exactly the outfit I wore today, exception being that my black sweatshirt is shaped like a peacoat and not like this one. What's with the red hearts on the gingham top? I sewed red heart buttons on mine. :] Also wore my hair in a bun with a bandanna Rosie the Riveter style.

An outfit for sitting around at home, I have everything exactly in this pic down to that same issue of Nylon. My blue teddy bear is one of my favorite things and I prefer thigh highs with shorts over pants in the spring. I won't put my contacts in unless I'm leaving my house and I drink tea continuously pretty much ALL day. 

Welcome to the life :P

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