Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thrifting Haul

I made some really good finds today at the thrift store in my town, check it:

I've been looking for a white collared shirt to dip-dye navy blue for a long time. Most of what I find seems too Kohls-circa-2005 for my liking, but this one is pretty decent. It's more of a western style, which I'm ok with. It's also too big so I have to take it in... but I'm reunited with my sewing machine at the moment so it won't be a problem. Looooove!

This is one of those pieces that I would consider "vintage." It's that nice flowey material that will be good for spring and it has a sash that goes around the collar for tying into a bow or simple knot, which is very "trendy" at the moment. It also had shoulder pads, which I took out.

Ooooo yeah, this one is my crown jewel of the day. Sweetheart neckline tube top romper onesie. Hellz yeah. It originally had an ugly strap that wrapped around the neck and buttoned onto the horn button (which I left on for the moment... I'll probably take it off in about 5 minutes). I cut the strap off immediately and sewed it over to the inside. If you remember from my last thrift post, I picked up a sheer short sleeved dress, but wasn't really sure what I would wear under it... THIS will be perfect.

Going home is so good for my soul; Northern Illinois has my heart forever. It's 70 degrees today, I baked cookies, modpodged a clutch (DIY to come later), grilled some Vienna hot dogs for lunch, got shamrock shakes with my brother... just general stuff I always do when I'm home. I'd take that over sitting around in gloomy Syracuse any day :]

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