Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Favorite Blogger: Jessica-Naomi

I'd like to share another one of my favorite bloggers Jessica-Naomi, although she isn't exactly a “style blogger” like the rest of the popular blogspots that fashion girls follow. Her style is influenced by so many things: art, games, literature, and a lot of science.

She's interested in a lot of creepy scientific things like dissection, taxidermy, witchcraft, graveyards, etc. And her photography of all of her interests is beautiful.

But she also can have super girly style, wearing knee socks, platform wedges, corsets.

She has an etsy store of the most amazing things. She's a great crafter and seamstress. She makes these boxes filled with natural things she finds, necklaces (the blood drop one is my absolute favorite), scents, bound notebooks... beautiful, handmade things. I think she's just an artist of everything with a brilliant mind.

I wanted to share Jessica Naomi because I've been thinking a lot about my own definition of beauty. To some people (maybe people who don't take a great interest in fashion), beauty is “pretty,” like flowing dresses and smiles and clothes that make you feel happy. And that's all well and good. But I can also look at someone with a staggering amount of body mods or someone with rainbow hair or an outfit that is so completely avant garde... and I still think it's beautiful. I'm figuring out that my definition of beauty contains a certain amount of disturbingness. Because strange makes me smirk.

I think there's beauty in everything. Everything.

Jessica Naomi might know what I mean.

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