Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ruffley Coats

I came across Laura Galic's etsy of AMAZING coats the other day. These are a brilliant mix of feminine “ruffles” (if you could call them that) and also structured tailoring. Look at these gorgeous pleats! I can only assume how difficult it is to make even overlaps with a thick fabric like wool.

There's something a little dark or Victorian or vampy about these suits/coats. It must be the high collars, the puffy shoulders... details like that give a piece a bit of edge.

(I think this one might be my favorite. Baby doll, ruffley, and a BOW)

I would totally wear something like this to work if I ever had an occasion to wear business professional. I can never get over people wearing horribly boring clothes when business causal (or professional) is called for. That is NOT an excuse to be drab! Keep it interesting.

Side note: Here's a sneak peek of a boutonnière DIY that I did for my internship. It's in the works for being on the website soon. :]

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