Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Favorite Blogger: Shan

This is one of my favorite bloggers: Shan from Tiny Toadstool! She doesn't host through blogger so I always forget to check out her site, but when I do, I spend sooooo long scrolling through all her outfits because they are completely adorable. She's a master pattern mixer and connoisseur of frilly underskirts.

She's a knitter and crafter and this is her master creation... look at that embroidery!

I actually used her as an example for a paper that I had to write this year about how museum curators create their own visual story and narrative through every art exhibition they put together. How is this related to fashion blogging? Shan created this felted beret along with a project called “Hello Tiny Toadstool.”

She sends this hat all around the world to different fashion and style bloggers who create their own outfit around the hat. It has evolved into a kind of nationalistic pride for each blogger, since they usually take their pictures at famous landmarks of their city or places that are generally special to them. What a fun way to connect fashion bloggers all over the world!

She always shoots pictures of herself jumping and never really hows her face directly. She's definitely created her own “brand” through her blog (which is something beaten in our heads in journalism).

Such as inspiration but she never looks at us... how modest.

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