Sunday, October 23, 2011

MORE Studding

...since studding is obviously the best and easiest thing to do ever. It's a great way to personalize some basics, like this plain zippy that I showed you all a couple posts ago from yesstyle. My pack o' studs is from studsandspikes. They're larger than the last ones I used, which I'm happy with. They're quite clanky.

I've introduced proper studding procedure here in a previous post when I studded some shorts. All you do is push the pointy parts through your fabric and bend them down on the other side. It'll look like this:

First, I outlined the kangaroo pouches on the front, keeping the studs close together, nearly touching.

Then I made a triangular pattern on each shoulder. I started with a line of 5 right along the shoulder seam. I continued in parallel lines on each side taking away 1 stud each time.

The finished product looks like this:

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