Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yessstyle Review

I finally got my stuff from yesstyle.com! I ordered on Sept 24, but I don't expect it to arrive for 2 weeks, because one item was in the “ships in 7-14 days” category. Otherwise I'd have this package in a couple days. I got an email saying it shipped on the 4th, which lied! I didn't get it until the 10th, but I did have enjoy seeing all the places this package had check in: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Anchorage, Memphis, and finally to Syracuse.

I received the box from a rather frazzled looking FedEx man. I don't blame him, my street is completely closed and my driveway resembles something like a moat...


 So here's what I ordered, pics from yesstyle's website.

I'm aware of how Japanese schoolgirl this looks. I think it's the bow that does it. Haha! It fits me fine, it's REALLY short though, which is because I'm about 5'8. Good thing I got this slip dress:

You're looking at the white lace/chiffon part here, which goes under a dress. It's basically a long cotton cami with this attatched to the bottom and I think it's the greatest idea ever. I'm a fan of the long cardigan and leggings combo and this would work perfectly underneath. It it adds length to those shirts that you're never sure whether to wear them as a dress or as a top. It's probably going to become one of my favorite things I own. My only complaint is that it's pretty tight... but I blame that on my large bottom!

Last is this plain black zippy. Its fleece and soft and I already studded it up (will post that soon). My complaint is that this came with holes about 2 inches long on the shoulder seams, like the sewing machine didn't catch them. It was nothing that I couldn't stitch up myself in a couple minutes, but still, I don't expect my clothes to have holes in them when I get them.

Pretty pleased overall. If shipping takes long, it's nothing that yesstyle doesn't inform you about when you order so it shouldn't come as a surprise. 

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