Monday, October 3, 2011

Syracuse Pride Pumpkin Suit

On Saturday, I experienced my first bit of grad school spirit at a football game. We got to the game super early and scored front row seats in the student section. I expected rowdy Syracuse fans in ridiculous outfits and some people did not disappoint. There were orange wigs, some body paint, headbands galore... but I made this tremendous find just down the row from me.

Look at this fabulous orange suit. He even has an orange tie AND orange sunglasses. My only complaint is that his pants need hemming. Gimme dat please, I can fix for you. And the shoes choice is a little off. Granted, it is a football game... but if you're going to wear this, at least complete your whole ensemble. Some patent tangerine shoes would have been smashing, no?

The owner at Mr. Tux would just die if he saw this. And I guarantee he could sell it to some poor prom kid who thinks he's being flashy for not wearing black. We have one super ugly sparkly navy blue tux and also a purple one that my boss always manages to rent out every year. It amazes me.

(Btw, I just labeled this under "fashion" and "football." How often does those two words coincide?)

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