Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chanel Documentary

Today I watched Signe Chanel, a 5-part documentary produced by Sundance, which was suggested by my fashion history teacher. The episodes document a collection at Chanel, beginning to end. I watched it through youtube and it was literally being taken down because of copyright AS I was watching it. I was going to link it here, but now the whole thing is gone. Boohoo.

Once I started watching, I was glued to my computer all evening. I seriously gasped out loud when they showed Karl Lagerfeld at work in his home. Papers and sketches everywhere in a huge room with lovely, white molded ceilings. C'était trop Français. I loved the scenes where the seamstresses are deciphering his writing and ideas when sketches are handed off. Also the whole building whiggs out when Karl arrives, all calling each other's phone extensions saying he has arrived, the seamstresses change into suit jackets when he gets there. The 75 year old lady who makes braid in the third episode is absolutely adorable. I would braid with her on her horse farm any day. And then I got to the 4th episode and it was taken down. Here's the whopping two screen caps I managed to take.

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