Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter Weddings

Getting some inspo today for my multimedia project on winter weddings. I'm super excited about this project. We have to come up with slide shows, a blog, video, moblie app, etc. I'm thinking of what pictures to shoot at Volle's when I go home and how I can shoot a DIY boutonnière already. It's going to be amazing.

What differentiates a winter wedding from the traditional spring or summer wedding, in my opinion, is ELEGANCE.

There's something about a winter wedding that can be so much more “high fashion” than any other season. The cold and the snow make décor and the general ambiance very clean and more expensive seeming. Winter comes with furs and feathers and a sparkle that you don't get in warmer seasons.

Don't get me wrong, warmer season weddings are great. Fall weddings are gorgeous (fall is my favorite season!) But with those themes, you're using warm colors and things like nature and wood and dare-I-say campy sort of décor. Things are made to look slightly DIY and backyard-style. Nothing wrong there, it's just a fact.

Winter weddings have an air of luxury. And the great thing about that is that they take place during wedding off-season, so you would actually pay a lot less for your venue, catering, etc.

(this photo is absolute perfection, icanteven)

The only thing that is a slight drawback (and this is me being nitpicky) is that the wedding dress can become lost in pictures. Wedding pictures outside in the snow are so beautiful, but the gown no longer pops since it begins to blend in with the white background. Make sure you get photos against some other kind of background as well and get detail shots.

My mother always tells me about what kind of wedding her parents had back in the day in Poland. They were married in the winter and taken to the church in a horsedrawn sleigh. To hell with limos if you can have a sleigh! How amazing.


  1. Gorgeous, I love winter weddings! I just think the decor and venues could be made so much warmer, more classic, and more inviting :) and that photo of the girl in the wedding dress and pea coat is fantastic!


  2. Agreed! And oh my god, YES. I want to be IN that photo, I don't care if it's snowing and freezing!

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