Thursday, November 17, 2011

If You Don't Know By Now, I'm Talkin 'Bout Chi Town

Forgive me as I diverge from my usual fashion-y posts. But I'm going home today!!!! (so here are some Amy In Chicago pictures)

Honestly, I live closer to Wisconsin than I live to the city. I've had this split personality my entire life. I love the city because it's close enough for me to get to, it's BIG but not too big, there are always things to do there, etc. But half of my family lives out in farmland Wisconsin so I also feel completely at home listening to country music in the woods in our campsite nook that my Dad built into a hill and staring up at the thousands of stars you can only see in the backwoods where there aren't any lights.

I'm at Syracuse University for my master's program and haven't left since the end of August. For me that's the longest and probably farthest away from home I've ever been. My family doesn't travel often. Every time I'm on vacation, I'll enjoy it for a few days... and then I just want to be back in my own bed in the flat Midwest. I'm really homegrown at heart.

So I'll be on the overnight train back to Chi-City tonight. When I flew home midway through August, I nearly cried when I began to see the skyscrapers popping up on the other side of Lake Michigan.

I had never really considered Chicago my “home” until I left it... It was just always there and I didn't think about it much. Just a little bit away if I ever needed it. It's where my Dad's printing company on the South Side was with its terrifying wall-less freight elevator. It's where I used to look at the Marshall Field's window displays during Christmas (Macy's? WTF is that? Chicagoans call it Field's forever). It's the massive Sears Tower that I can see from Rand Rd by my house on a sunny, clear day (also, EFF the “Willis Tower.” Stop changing our landmarks. CoughComiskeycough coughRosemontHorizoncough)

It's home. And I want it to be home forever.

*pictures taken at the Chicago Cultural Center
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
dress- thrifted
tights- GAP
riding boots- OnCourse, Saddler's Row
necklace- gift

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