Friday, November 11, 2011

Tux Inspired

Tonight I'm covering fashion at the Sammy Awards in Syracuse, which is an awards show for local musicians. The only “red carpet” experience I have is when I stalked the premier of A Dangerous Method with Kiera Knightley and Viggo Mortenson at the Toronto Film Festival (read about that here). So I started googling red carpet things and came across Redcarpet Fashion Awards

I got to around page 8 when I saw this lovely number by Jean Paul Gaultier on Daisy Lowe.

Any regular of my blog knows my extensive tuxedo history, so this look floored me. She essentially wore menswear (as womenswear, respectively) on a red carper. How awesome is that!? To hell with the slinky or fluffy dresses. Wear something wonderfully tailored instead!

So I scampered off to to check out the rest of this collection to see other pieces with tuxedo inspiration:

Not all of the collection is quite so "tux-y" looking, but its obviously formal wear inspired. You can see it in the shoulders of this look and also in that satin-looking stripe on the right side (hello satin tux lapel, right?). The shape of the lines surrounding the laced section are the same as tux structure, just emphasized.

There's something about a double breasted coat that irks me. I'm not really a fan of them. They look better on someone with a fuller, bigger body. I think of them as Grandpa coats. I guess that's a contrast when put on a thin, willowy model. Meh...

I want these socks in a bad way.

Ok, this isn't tux-y at all, it's just awesome. Love the full poofness of that skirt.

Shawl lapel. Leaving this unbuttoned gives it a nice flare.

Oooo look at those trousers!

Pinstripes? Oh yes. Pinstripes make everything better. But what is on her head? I don't know.

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