Monday, November 14, 2011

Litas... GTFO Already

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I AM SICK TO DEATH OF LITAS.

For the past 2 years... maybe 3, (I don't remember when they hit the market) bloggers have been obsessing over Jeffrey Campbell Litas. They still haven't stopped their dominating presence on the leader board. Having them is like a rite of passage.

Buy me! You'll be a real blogger if you have me! People will know you in the fashion world! Everybody's doing it! You'll be top of lookbook! GAG.

Bloggers take pictures of all their different styles lining their shelves like pre-pubescent soccer trophies. The shoe started out black and simple. And then it mutated! Litas became glittery and tapestry and star-spangled and now have kitten patterns. Honestly, how is that ok? There is no way that anyone would buy kitten shoes if they were any brand other than JC. It's unfathomable.

JC marketed the hell of of Lita's popularity, making the style exist in similar forms like the Foxy Wood and the heel-exposing backwards sandal, Lana (Which is horrendous in my opinion. They make you look like you have an orthopedic club-foot from the front.). It's all about the wooden heel and the chunky platform.

I got it at first. They're simple. The heel is thicker and therefor easier to walk in. It probably isn't as wobbly or as painful a stiletto. They're platforms, which add extra height. Fine.

If I wore a pair of Litas, I would be 6'1. I'm already uncomfortable enough wearing heels since they make me a complete head taller than a lot of people I know. I only just starting becoming ok with that. But 5” heels would make me a skyscraping monster.

When it comes down to it, they've become a throw away shoe for me. They don't “make” an outfit anymore, they're just there. I can't even pay attention to them because I'm so used to seeing them. It doesn't matter that the pattern keeps changing, it's still the same shape. They're hardly even fashion anymore, they're like a prop.

There are other platform booties out there. Seriously. And I might get some blog-hate for saying all this. Come at me, bro.

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