Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Equestrian Boots

I've been in Syracuse for about 5 months now. After living at ISU, where girls wear only sweatpants and t-shirts, I was ecstatic to attend a college in a place where people actually dressed nicely. Meaning they actually care about what they wear and don't just roll out of bed to immediately schlep to class.

I initially got that the theme here is pretty preppy. That's fine. It's upstate New York, they're very Brand-Happy. Everyone wears Hunter boots, Longchamp bags, leggings as pants, and carry Starbucks like an accessory.

But aside from my displeasure at fashion branding, there is one trend that I'm liking: equestrian style boots. I rode horses a bit when I was little and most of my friends did, too. I still have my paddock boots, which resemble current toned down "combat boots" that you can find at Urban Outfitters. These are the same exact style I have but more beat up. I would wear them all the time but they're at least a size too small. I got them in about 7th grade...

I never had boots like these, which are mainly for showing...

Or these which are worn either by fox hunters or jockeys (*edit. This almost evolved into a post about the difference between English styles of horseback riding boots. I think I need to go riding soon.).

So here are some modern equestrian styles that are not for riding, but for sauntering around like you could hop on your pony and go jump some fences if you really wanted to. Personally, I'm digging the fox hunting boot. And I also think I'm going to put my jodhpurs in my drawer of leggings to wear this winter.

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