Saturday, April 28, 2012

VPA Spring Fashion Show at SU

Next week starts my class week of classes (ever. EVER!), thus I'm at school on a Saturday to do work. I came here so I would be less distracted. Obviously, I'm blogging. Dang.

I went to the senior VPA spring fashion show the other day (reporting for, I'll link up once it gets published), and was pretty surprised by the 35 student collections. I expected big, frilly dresses but actually saw some interesting pieces and a fair amount of tailoring. I sat at the end of the catwalk with the press section and felt like a twerp with my digital camera in a sea of huge DSLRs. I really need to learn how to use a legit camera, since I'll be running the street fashion blog for the Post & Courier in Charleston, SC in about 3 weeks.

But anyway, here are the less blurry pictures that I took of the looks that I liked and my less formal comments. For something more substantial, see... (here. once it's published :):

This collection by Amanda Rhoads was pretty riske in comparison to the others. Niiiiiiice! Glad someone did something different. She did some crazy awesome stuff with weaving and unconventional materials. And yes. That is a whip in the background. 

A fabulous collection by Annie Petersen, in which all the clothes were black. Props to her for sending her models down the runway barefoot! Loved her textured collection.

The sleeves on this top by Emily Barnes blew my mind. I didn't even notice that the sleeves were rolled up until she pulled them down. Great performance element.

Erin Marie Hedderman's collection looked Alice in Wonderland inspired to me (she even used "Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs as her music). I loved the tight corsets, they looked great from the back since all we saw was skin between the laces. Love!

The look second from the left was fabulously accessorized with that cute round travel box. And I think the middle model was the only one in the whole show to wear tall boots. Collection by Hollis L'Estrange Daniels.

I wish I had great pics for every look in this collection. Joshua Eder-Hart is an amazing tailor and craftsman and it totally showed. He had a huge variety of pieces. The program said that he won competitions for best costumes at Cons. That made me love him more. 

This collection by Lauren Nicole Kessler was super mod and chic. Great lengths on the skirts and skinny belts with round sunglasses. A very well-put together collection overall. And how fierce is the model second from the left? Git it gurl.

Maxi Britt Roberts must be a professional already as her collection was pretty spot on. She used bouquets of lavender a la Ashish Spring 2012, perfectly placed hats, and a western theme that was echoed in the music. I think it was a Johnny Cash remix? Not totally sure, but it fit wonderfully. There's a bright future for this girl for sure.

I also liked Peter Joshua Borsky's collection because he showed a variety of looks. The colors looked nice together and I loved that he used all brown oxfords instead of heels. It's an entirely wearable collection.

I loved this look from Talia Hermesh. That front white piece swayed when the model walked, really great movement.

Wei Chang Chen's collection was so cute and girly. If pastel-neutral is a color category, that's what I would use to describe it. 

And that's it for the relatively focused pics I have. Everything is way worse than these even. Shame, that. 

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