Thursday, April 5, 2012

18 Years Without Kurt

I pause for a moment from style things to bring you a video for Kurt Cobain's death day anniversary. Here's one of my all time favorite Nirvana songs (and don't kill me for saying this, but it always reminds me of the moment that they play this song in Jarhead). There's something so uncomfortably sad about this song... it's one of those songs that I always play when I'm in a real strange funk.

It's from the epically famous Unplugged performance, and features a little bit of Kurt being a doof at the end.

“Strap on your gee-tar!”

He's so odd in the greatest way. I wrote my final paper for my poetry class 2 years ago about “beauty,” and tangented off halfway through about how sad things are beautiful and used Kurt Cobain as an example of a tragically beautiful person (with a tragically beautiful, artistic death). I wonder if my professor was a bid WTF-ed out by it...

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