Monday, April 23, 2012

Vera Wang Fall 2012

As many of you might know, I am a web intern at Bridal Guide Magazine. Bridal Fashion Week in NYC is now over and the press kits full of high-res new collection photos are beginning to flood my inbox. Which is fabulous! One of my current projects at BG is creating our gown gallery, which features the new fall collections from designers. One of the first galleries I was assigned to create was for Vera Wang, THE goddess divine of all things bridal. Yes, I drooled. And yes, my finger might have slipped and the whole gallery somehow ended up on my flash drive. How unusual!

Vera Wang's fall collection is completely in shades of red, from that bright color you paint your toenails in summer to a deep maroon, nearly purple. And the amount of texture these gowns have is amazing. I just had to share because, well, you'll see why.

You can view the rest of the collection here! And you can check out my awesome CMS skillz.

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