Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Gothy shoes to lust over

I'm not shoe crazy like most girls are. Most girls lust over stilletos and heels and cute flats. Personally, I prefer boots of any kind over anything else. I have big feet (size 9, eep) and I'm already pretty tall, so heels 3+ inches make me a monster. As I'm not one for much color at the moment, as I've been living in black boots or shoes most of the time. If you look at my laundry bin, the majority is going in the dark wash. I guess I've been inspired by gothy and grungey fashion lately. Here are my top 5 gothy shoes I'm constantly lusting over. 


 Hell yeah. My bff just got a pair and I'm super jelly. If I had creepers, I'd do the creeper tiptoe walk everywhere I went. What's holding me back from ebaying a ripoff pair from China is that platform flats would make my huge feet look like boats. Other sasquaches out there, are you self conscious about that too?


Originally designed by Vivienne Westwood, these shoes are a Japanese street fashion staple. You find them on the decos, the lolitas, everyone. They're girly looking, but kind of hardcore at the same time. I wonder how hard they are to walk in. As you will notice if you look at the heel, the interesting design element of these shoes is that they're missing a huge chuck out of the back end of the heel. Crazy, right? Do they make you fall over backwards every time you take a step? I would love to find out. The platform is made of wood (if you get a real pair) and knockoff platforms are cork or compressed foam.


Ahh, what can I say about Dr Martens that I haven't already beaten completely to death? I wrote an entire post about them here, which consistently remains the post I get the most hits on. I still lust over the short, white docs, but knowing myself, I'd scratch them up instantly. Since I already have perfect black mid-height AirWairs, white docs will forever remain lusted after. Sadness.


I'm not sure if I blogged about this shoe before, but I think it's absolutely genius. This shoe was released at around the same time as Litas were, and in my opinion, this shoe should have smashed Litas to splintered bits. It's a hybrid of a wedge and a heel with this quilted buckle strap that screams “complete badass.”


These really aren't that gothy, are they? They're just black. But this is my kind of gothy; blackish but still girly. Girly gothy grunge? Anyway, cloth Mary Janes are the most basic, basic flat in existance. They're probably made to fall apart, the soles are made of rubber and capable of bending completely in half, and you will probably rip the buckle off at least once since everyone is too lazy to actually unbuckle the shoe (I am). But they are a great staple because they will match absolutely anything you will ever wear.  

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