Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lesage for Chanel Paris-Bombay

I don't like bling. I barely wear any jewelry because I think most of it is gaudy. I don't even like shiny things. Diamonds!? Who needs 'em?

But when I come across something like this, I just melt. Lesage is so amazing, I love watching these ladies at their embroidery stations. The amount of work that goes into hand embroidering and hand beading is completely ridiculous. It's no wonder that these pieces cost so much. I beaded a pair of gloves once and it took me hours (and it was just outlines, no where near as complicated as the simplest work Lesage does).

Surprisingly, I don't find any of this gaudy even though it's an overload of brocade and hardware. That's the magic of Lesage pieces for Chanel. My favorite is the headpiece with the attached nose ring.


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