Friday, December 30, 2011

Cana Island Lighthouse

I've been extremely lazy this winter break (extremely), maybe I'm trying to get it out of my system before 5 months of crazy once school starts again. I'm usually a much better blogger while in school so expect the blog to pick up again in a few weeks. ACTUALLY, I will be doing a 5-day mini-journal kind of thing when my program goes to New York City for all day events on Broadway, museum tours, visiting the New York Times, and all kinds of other fun cultural things. You can expect daily posts for that.

But for now, here are some more winter lighthouse pictures from Door County, WI. This one is Cana Island Lighthouse, which I have been to a long time ago when I was little. The light station is on its own island that you have to walk to on a land bridge. It was about 20 degrees and snowing when I went right after the sun went down. It was really exciting for me because I've never visited a lighthouse at night in the winter. Just stepping on the island and hearing the wind and the waves crashing against the ice and rocks... it just made you feel cold and lonely.

(Listen to this while you look: The Lighthouse by the Hush Sound. They're still one of my favorite bands for obvious reasons.)

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