Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's personal style dissection day! Today's victim is Kerli Koiv, a singer from Estonia. She's kind of Alice in Wonderland/doll influenced and you can see that in almost all of her work. 

I've known about Kerli for around 2 years now, which was a little before she got super electro-pop and went completely bubble-goth.

Bubble. Goth. That's right. From a style pov, I think that's absolutely genius (I appreciate obnoxious and sometimes ridiculous fashion, remember). Different = amazing. Goth is dark. It's black and spikey and death-like. And Kerli made it opposite. She took gothic style clothes and made them WHITE and girly.

She's also a materials unconventionalist and an expert DIY-er. 

(How perfect is this? GLUE GUN BOOM)

She puts tutorials up on her website of things that she makes and vlogs her thrift finds. In the weeks leading up to her video for Army of Love, she had something like 4 videos that documented everything that she designed and made for the shoot. She made those crazy platform shoes and most of the other things that you see. Sure the video is a bit over the top (not so much a fan of the unicorn in the forest and her ears à la Final Fantasy) but whatever. Pay attention to the clothes.

And she dresses this way IRL. My philosophy of clothes is that it takes GUTS to dress in a way that people would label as “out of the ordinary.” And I respect that no matter what it is you chose to wear. 

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