Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Peter Pan Collar

Haven't posted since Sunday and it feels like FOREVER! This has been my first week on winter break and I've been being extremely lazy by sitting around DIYing and watching the Sopranos. Peter Pan collars are majorly trending right now, which is awesome because they're so classic and I love them. Here's one I made the other day. I got the pattern and instructions from Honestly WTF. I'd put up shots step by step as I was making it but it was pretty simple and the original site does a lovely job of it.

Ignore my usual herp-n-derpy face. Blehh.

I've been meaning to use this anchor button since forever!

My tips: I have the same exact leather rotary hole punch as shown in the tutorial and it does not work. Not on felt, at least. All it does is make an indentation and doesn't actually cut through fabric. I wanted to use it because the hole would be smaller and a little less “I hole punched this and it can fit right in my 3-ring binder.” But a standard hole puncher does work, so I would recommend using it. Also, be careful with tying the ribbon as your fabric will be thin and it rip. Mine ripped right before I took this picture so I'm going to reinforce it with hot glue momentarily. 

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