Friday, December 9, 2011

College Student Christmas Wrapping

Are you a displaced student that finds yourself at a loss for wrapping Christmas presents in your dorm room or apartment? All the sliver and gold and fir-tree spangled wrapping paper I have is 700 miles away in a basement. And I don't want to buy an entire roll and a package of bows for wrapping a 2inch by 2inch box, so I use whatever I can find around my house.

Wrapping paper = newspaper. That's easy enough (especially for a journalism student who usually has them lying around). A bow can be a little trickier since I didn't want to part with the small bit of red ribbon I acquired somewhere, since I made it into a bow I wear in my hair. I just finished knitting a scarf yesterday and had a bit of yarn left that I easily made into a pompom.

Pompoms are super easy to make. All you do is cut out a circle out of cardboard and cut a smaller circle in the middle. Cut a long length of yarn and wrap it around and around the cardboard. I forgot to take a picture so here's a simple diagram I googled:

And here's the finished product! It's not Christmas colored, but I think it's cute anyway.

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