Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christian Siriano. Still ferosh.

I was ecstatic when I came across the four part about Christian Siriano on youtube today. It's not a personal documentary, it's more slice-of-life of the two days before showing a collection at NYFW and how completely hectic it is. And I though I had it rough in grad school, hah!

Christian, of course, is such a character. We all remember him from Project Runway (Fierce. Ferosh. Tranny. Hot mess.). Not only is he a designer of clothes, he's a designer of words. And with a B.A. In English, I appreciate that. He has his own crazy vocabulary that watchers of the show had to learn. I completely understand that, it was the same for me when I got to college and suddenly had a group of friends who weren't used to the words I used. My friends had our own language, too (Doughy. Bindle. Wendy's circle. These words make sense to me and they don't mean what you think they mean.).

So if you missed Christian since we last observed all his crazy antics on Project Runway, watch this 4 part show and see what he's been up to lately:

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