Friday, May 11, 2012

Kate Middleton + HATS

It's the eve of my grad school graduation and I find myself... cruising through a Kate Middleton lookbook from Nylon Magazine. I ignored the whole royal wedding when it was actually occurring, which is surprising, given my involvement in the bridal industry. It was on a Friday (I think?) and started like something like 5am. No, thank you.

But I finally caved and checked out her style. She dresses how I'd expect British royalty to dress: preppy, classy, and generally fabulous. But the one thing that struck me about her coords were her hats! She wears a ton of them, and they're not boring either. Maybe it's just a British thing, but I would loooooove to see people incorporating hats back into evening looks or when attending events. They just make an outfit twice as interesting. Hats in America have basically evolved into baseball caps and knitted winter berets. Pretty unfortunate, compared to what hats used to mean back in the early twentieth century.

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  1. My god you're right! Where the hell have all the hats gone in America?!