Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wicker Park, Chi City

One of my main reasons for coming home for the 2 week break during the summer and fall semesters is to go thrifting in Chicago! My first stop on the thrifting circuit today in Wicker Park was Crossroads Trading Co. I've heard that this place is a slight step down from Buffalo Exchange. It did look like they had more items in their store, but tight racks made the sift a little more difficult. Yes, I did see some things that were a couple years ago-seeming style. But that is to be expected at most thrift stores, right?

Crossroads has some brand-new clothes near the front of the store that I didn't even bother looking at. That wasn't what I was there for. They also have a jewelry counter full of new necklaces and rings, which are worth a look.

I purchased only one top/dress (?) here after trying on some long sleeved tops that I decided I would probably never wear. Last time I was at Crossroads, I scored a pair of Oxfords that came through the door with their previous owner about 2 seconds after I did.  

(Sorry about general bad-looking photos. I'm working on it.)

Verdict: There definitely are good pieces to be found at Crossroads. Just not a ton all at once. They're also cheaper than Buffalo Exchange.

With one bag in hand, I gallivanted across the street to Buffalo Exchange, the entire reason I made the trekk into the City in the first place.

This store is top of the pile and I'm totally a fan of their organization. Overall, they have a smaller amount of clothes compared to other thrift stores in the few block stretch on Milwaukee Ave, but they're more selective for a reason. Here you will find pieces that you don't already have in your closet or have seen walking around on the street.

Their shoe selection is great (unless you have size Sasquatch, which I do), as are their blouses and dresses. Ok, pretty much everything is worth picking through.

I picked up 3 tops here, one of which I HAD to get because it looked perfect with the shorts I happened to be wearing at the time. Also picked up a flowy sweater which is made up of a lot more fabric than it looks like. I was thinking ahead for Syracuse winters. I don't have a picture of it as my camera made it look black when it is actually olive. But it has some wicked chains on the shoulders. And now I'm realizing that almost everything I bought is sheer. Thumbs up.

Verdict: Go here fa sho, you will find something. Or too many somethings for your wallet to handle. Most of their pieces are around $20, though t-shirts are less and some dresses tend to be more.

For lunch, I stopped at Two Amigos in Logan Square. My Dad (aka chauffeur for the day) knew the place, since he used to live down the street from it back in the day. Delicious, cheap, authentic Mexican food. The salsa is spicy and full of cilantro and the best I have tasted in a long, long time. It has the consistency of spaghetti sauce, which was a tad off putting at first, but I got over it quickly. It was perfect.  

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