Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sushi Station

This is my favorite sushi restaurant of... ever. I make a point of going to the location in Rolling Meadows ever time I'm home. The place is one of those revolving sushi bars. You get a couple pieces of maki or nigiri on a plate that are constantly moving past you on a covered conveyor belt. Prices start at $1.25 (lunch special) and go up by a dollar according to the color of the plate.

Just getting about 2 pieces per plate is good for sushi noobs or for the adventurous. If you get a plate of something that you end up not liking, at least you won't have a whole roll of it.

Personally, I prefer maki because I like stuff with my rice and fish. I'm not a big fan of nigiri (clearly I'm not a connoisseur). So I like all the crazy rolls Sushi Station has. For example, my favorite roll EVER is...

I love anything with coconut. And avocado. So. Good!

The Godzilla rolls is my other favorite: crab, salmon, cream cheese, AND it's served warm because the nori is coated in tempura. Melts in your mouth.

As far as sush goes, this place is awesome. There's no fear of a one roll commitment, which I appreciate. If you go during lunch, you can leave completely full for $7. No really, it's possible. Sushi Station opens at 11:30. Get there at 11:29 or else you might have to wait for a seat.

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