Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion to me... and an awesome blogger

It's that time of year again. The most influential bogger award. Who is nominated this year? One of my most favorite bloggers ever, Madeline from jeangreige. Why is she so full of fabulosity? WELL. Let me tell you.

I have just recently started taking actual fashion classes at my graduate university. I am in classes with a bunch of sorority girls whose idea of fashion is picking up the latest Juicy Couture hanger off the rack and obsessing over Vogue. Simply put, outfits that are right out of catalog. I don't... I mean... to me, that isn't the point of fashion.

To me, fashion is being as crazy as you want and changing it up constantly. I would rather find some ridiculous piece that's from 20 years ago and wear it because it's different. It isn't about blending in with what is currently in season, it's making up something of your own. I like things to be my own, like I did something to them that makes them mineI think this is why I'm not as drawn to Vogue as I probably should be. Yes, I appreciate it, absolutely, stuff is gorgeous. But it isn't practical for an everyday person who doesn't have the money to afford designer brands. I don't take the majority of my style ideas from them, I get them from “street fashion,” aka fashion bloggers.

Which brings me to Madeline. She is basically what I would aspire to be. I'm a big fan of thrifting and her outfits are chock full of secondhand goodness. And she layers jewelry in a way I never thought was possible. She's got a kind of chic grungey amazingness that is hard to categorize.

And besides having an eye for style, she's a great writer. She has great diction and never fails to make me laugh. If you're on Chictopia, vote for her! Failing that, at least give her blog a visit.  

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